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Solution Expert Denmark
Teamlead Customer Success
Customer Success
Compliance Officer (24/28 uur per week)
Sales Development Representative (SDR) Germany
Software Test Engineer
Medewerker Data (12 - 16 uur p/w)
Nieuw zelfsturend development team gezocht!
Meerdere Frontend Developers gezocht!
Business Analist (junior/medior)
Customer Success
Solution Expert België
Data Engineer
Content Marketeer (24-40 uur p/w)
Sales Development Representative (SDR) Germany
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About 12Build

Who, what and where

12Build is an innovative and fast-growing software company within the international construction industry.

Thousands of construction companies use our platform to request quotes, submit and share documents with each other. Just take a look at the possibilities at 12build.com.

Meanwhile, we work with more than 50 employees spread over 2 offices and are 4 products, 14 years and 6 moves further.

We have a reputation for listening carefully to our customers, speaking the language of construction and actively converting ongoing feedback into added value for our users at www.12Build.com.


"12Build has now become a place where beautiful things are made and fun things are done."

Ons cultuurboek

Bij 12Build zijn wij trots op onze onderscheidende aanpak. Waar wij voor staan, hoe wij dingen aanpakken en wat wij precies doen, beschrijven wij in dit handboek. Ben je een nieuwe collega en kom je terecht in de bijzondere wereld van 12Build, of ben je gewoon nieuwsgierig? Dan is dit helemaal voor jou bedoeld!

Met dit handboek proberen we je een beetje voor te bereiden
zodat we voorkomen dat je gillend wegrent na de eerste week. Wij vinden jou namelijk belangrijk. Jouw talent, jouw ideeën en energie helpen 12Build stralen.

Download ons handboek hier: 

12Build Cultuurboek

The benefits

What we have to offer

  • Working in a fast growing tech company
  • Work in a super cool office
  • Money
  • You contribute to a better world by sponsoring a child from Compassion
  • Working on something totally new
  • Self learning and self managing organization
  • Great colleagues
  • A proven successful and unique web concept

Mission and Vision

Why we do what we do.


"12Build matches construction partners on expertise and facilitates a more efficient way of online collaboration."


The continuously changing construction world of today and tomorrow needs trust, commitment to expertise, better collaboration and reduced failure costs.

We believe that making relevant selection criteria transparent, especially quality, and clear communication in the cloud is the way to go.


Open communication, process optimization and joint innovation make collaboration between general contractors and construction specialists increasingly relevant, fair, easy and fun

Working at 12Build is great! Over five years ago, I started my side job here. Today, I work full time as a marketer at 12Build. 24 of the top 25 construction giants now work with 12Build and more than 800 main contractors put out almost all their quote requests through 12Build. That accounts for about 70% of the Dutch construction turnover. It's great to be part of this successful, driven and fun 12Build team!

Robbin Stegers
Marketeer, 12Build

Core values

What are the core values of 12Build


Dream big, work smart & hard

Standing still is going backwards, a 12Builder wants to accelerate. We are an inspiring example when it comes to corporate culture and feel responsible for making quality and expertise transparent for the European construction industry.  We know better than anyone what is going on in the world of our clients. We therefore go one step further. This means that we always try to help the client, whether it is faster, better or different. 


Dare to get naked

Communicating in an open and transparent way is normal for us, both to our colleagues and the customer. We have no hidden agendas and believe that everything is better when communication is open and honest.  Feedback is therefore the order of the day, whether positive or negative. This creates a pleasant and safe workplace where everyone feels respected and where we can work together based on 100% trust.


We love shiny eyes

We celebrate successes with each other, enjoy what we do and radiate that joy. We go to work with a smile, but also home with a smile. We are enthusiastic and have a lot of positive energy. After all, anything you do with pleasure and passion, you do much better. 

Pleasure in work unites us and creates trust in each other. It is therefore an important basis for success.